Taekwondo Terms – Punches & Strikes (Korean)

Korean Names for Taekwondo Punches & Strikes

Here are the Korean names for various Taekwondo punches and strikes (i.e. back fist and elbow strike). For other Taekwondo words & commands, please visit our main Taekwondo Terminology section. However, please be aware that you will find different spellings across the Internet. Please check your instructor for the exact pronunciations of these words.

Taekwondo Punches & Strikes

  • Punch – Jirugi
  • Strike – Chigi
  • Elbow Strike – Palkup Chigi
  • Arc Hand Strike – An Jin Son Chigi
  • Knife Hand Strike – Son Kal Chigi
  • Palm Strike – Ba Tang Son Chigi
  • Spear Hand Strike – Pyong Son Keut Chigi
  • Back Fist – Doong Chumok
  • Hammer Fist – Me Chumok