Taekwondo Animals

Taekwondo Animals provides you with free information on WTF formsITF patternskicking techniques, punches & much more. Whether you are a Taekwondo beginner or a black belt, Taekwondo Animals will help you to become a better martial artist.

We want to help you learn this exciting and popular Korean martial art. This Taekwondo site offers video & written instructions that cover the basics (i.e. kicksstances and blocks) as well advanced martial arts techniques (i.e. self-defense, breaking techniques and sparring). Moreover, we will help you to learn a wide variety of Taekwondo kicking techniques that range from axe kicks to spinning hook kicks.

Taekwondo Animals will also prepare you for your black belt test! As well as any of your upcoming color belt tests. For example, we provide you with free videos & written instructions so you can master the forms & patterns that you need to know for your next belt test.

Taekwondo Animals will also help you to speak Korean so you can talk to your Korean instructor, know the Korean names of techniques… and order food at your favorite Korean restaurant! We will even teach you many minor but important details such as how to tie your Taekwondo belt, how to begin martial arts training as an adult, etc.

Whether you are young or old, Taekwondo Animals will improve your martial arts skills. We will even help you to improve your martial arts flexibility, speed, stamina… and the height of your axe kicks!

This wonderful Korean martial arts will improve your strength, work on your balance, relieve stress from work or school, help you to lose weight and… it is a lot of fun!