Taekwondo Kicks – Korean Names

Korean Names for Taekwondo Kicks

In Taekwondo, your instructor will ask you to perform a specific kick but he might use the Korean name for that kick. For example, he might ask you to demonstrate a “Dwi Chagi” (which means Back Kick). Therefore, you had better learn the Korean names for the basic kicks used in Taekwondo. Listed below are the Korean names for a variety of Taekwondo kicks (such as front kick, back kick and spinning hook kick). We have also include a video so you can listen to the proper Korean pronunciation of these various Taekwondo kicks.

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Korean Names for Various Taekwondo Kicks

  • Axe Kick – Naeryeo Chagi
  • Back Kick – Dwi Chagi (“D-we Cha-gee”)
  • Crescent Kick – Bandal Chagi
  • Flying Back Kick – Twi-myo Dwi Chagi
  • Flying Side Kick – Twi-myo Yeop Chagi
  • Front Kick – Ap Chagi (“Ap Cha-gee”)
  • Hook Kick – Huryeo Chagi
  • Jumping Front Kick – Eedan Ap Chagi
  • Kick – Chagi (“Cha-gee”)
  • Knee Strike – Moreup Chigi… FYI – This term uses the word chigi (which means strike) and not chagi (which means kick).
  • Push Kick – Meereo Chagi
  • Roundhouse Kick – Dollyo Chagi (“Dole-ya Cha-gee”)
  • Scissor Kick – Kawi Chagi
  • Side Kick – Yeop Chagi (“Yup Cha-gee”)
  • Spinning Hook Kick – Dwi Huryeo Chagi
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Here is the Korean pronunciation of a number of Taekwondo kicks.