Taekwondo Greetings

Taekwondo Greetings (i.e. Hello & Goodbye)

This page teaches you how to say Korean Taekwondo greetings such as hello, goodbye, how are you, etc. Surprise your Taekwondo instructor by sprinkling some of these Korean Taekwondo greetings and phrases into your conversation. Also listen to the videos on the bottom of the page in order to hear how these words and phrases should be properly pronounced in Korean.

For other Korean words used in Taekwondo (i.e. counting in Korean or Korean names for kicks), please visit our Taekwondo Words, Terms & Commands section.

  • Hello – An-yong-ha-se-yo FYI – This phrase can also used to say good morning, etc.
  • How are you? – Chal Ji-nae-sho-sso-yo?
  • I am fine – Ne Chal Ji-nae-sso-yo
  • Nice to meet you – Man-na-so Ban-gap-sum-ni-da
  • What is your name? – I-ru-mi o-tto-ke Dwoe-se-yo?
  • My name is John – Cho-nun John I-e-yo
  • Goodbye – An-nyong-hi Ga-se-yo
  • See you later – Na-jung-e Bwae-yo
  • Good night – An-yong-hi Ju-mu-se-yo
  • Thank you – Kam-sa-ham-ni-da
  • You are welcome – A-ni-e-yo

Videos on Korean Greetings